Shampoo + cutting + student brush (short max 10 cm) (with student ID) €43
Student (with student card) €23
Note: Student discount are excluded for long hair and relooking
Children - 8 years €28
Shampoo + short hair brush (max 10 cm ) €25
Shampoo + brush long length hair(sup 10 cm ) €30
Shampoo + cutting + brush short hair ( max 10 cm ) €47
Shampoo + cutting + brush long lengh hair ( sup 10 cm) €49
Transformation short + long  €49
Custom face approach 20min €23
Long hair curly, dense or mixed. Shampoo + care + cut + brushing or drying  Quotation / from 65 €
Short or long transformation 49€
personalized study deep morpho-visagism 20 min 29€
Child - 8ans €18
Man €28
Cutting processing man €30
Beard size 6 to 9 €
Vegetable colouring / technique €45
½ dose supp. €22
Discoloration €45
Scanning / bits (price on request) €70/90
Straightening €75
Flash €35
Hair patina €35
Permanent €90
Detangling vegetable spray or tray  €6
Mask vegetal intense care with massage €10
Complete protocol of care with keratine + hair Dryer from €48


Sebastian hair range

  • Clay dry and matte effect adjustable with: CRAFT CLAY
  • Manipulate the hair with a modeling and moisturizing effect: Molding Mud
  • Regenerate more sensitized hair. Specific curly or wavy hair: Potion 9

Wella SP range

Care and styling specific blond hair. Developer of shine and softness.

Our specific treatments:

  • Blossom shine, Shine finishing Spray, luminous glow of colour...
  • Cashmere tips, fluid smoothing to repair and prevent split ends.
  • Precious pearl, invigorating care capsules, protection of the hair and intense shine..
  • Aroma serum, sensory massage for all types of hair and scalps fluid.

Range Schwarzkopf plant

  • For normal hair, shampoo lightness and lightness essence certified milk bio carefully purified Cranberry.
  • Dehydrated hair, thick, moisturizing shampoo, moisturizing elixir cream bio certified hydratant.essence of ALOE Vera lyophilse.
  • Colored hair sensitized , Repair shampoo, repair fluid, restorative, cream-gel mask intense repairman. organic certified by filtered finements Goji berries.
  • Hair & scalppurifying shampoo, shampoo fragrance free.

Range Nioxin > capillary treatments

NIOXIN uses advanced technologies to allow to get a hair thicker, denser, and with more volume.

Through their approach inspired by the skin care cosmetics and advanced technologies that they implement, the NIOXIN products are unique.

Making correct use of your systems and your complementary products you will be assured to obtain best results from your treatment in 3 parts.